Lot's of very useful information to solve your problems as far as dealing with many of the typical problems and some not so typical problems that we run into when working on a computer.

26 Ways To Promote Your Website & Blog - 3

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10. Business Directories

www.dmoz.org - dir.yahoo.com - www.business.com - CannyLink.com

11. Forums

Forums are a great way to stay in touch with specific groups of people based on what the subject of the forum is. There would be too many to list here but depending on your website's subject you can find a forum covering a similar subject and comment from time to time in the most intelligent way that you can.

Often it takes a specific amount of comments before you can add a link to your signature, but it would be worth it on a large forum.

You can get backlinks etc. from this. You will have to find the forums by searching for them.

12. Deal With Search Engines

This is an odd way to look at the situation, but as it is difficult it is also spot on for approach in some ways. If you are selling something and want a high conversion rate, then setting up your site to work well with search engines is important. Study some current (I repeat - current) SEO techniques for starters.
On the internet, the time has come where simple titled words are not getting onto the top ten in search engines anymore, or very easily at least.

Use longer and more specific keywords and it will pay off in searches. That exact subject will have a better chance to bring your site up on the search engines first page or results. This way you can get a hit from a search engine response.

13. Business Cards and Word of Mouth

I often give out a business card when someone needs a piece of scrap paper for taking a note and when talking about my business and for just about any reason.. HaHa!. They are perfect to promote your business website and will often pay off in the long run. Word of mouth is great as for people who are talking about a related subject can get the address of your site right then.

14. Text Link Ads

Text links have been called the best by some folks and not so by others but used properly they can pay off well. Since they are small, they are often cheaper for a link to your site.
Try Google Adsense - www.text-link-ads.com - www.adbrite.com.

15. Email Marketing

I use it, and it is a good thing. I have to say that he best method for real email marketing is to use Aweber to promote in the best way. By using Aweber, you solve a lot of email problems right up front, and get a great method for writing emails with a style that you normally would find very difficult to do with just a normal e-mail program.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this as it is a really good overview of the subject of promotion for your website or blog. Good luck in the future.
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