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Web Hosting - Dedicated Server

by Roger Chartier:

Well it's not the cheapest for sure, but the advantages are there.

Dedicated server or dedicated hosting service is a hosting service
where you lease the entire server for yourself.

It's better in some ways because you would have total control of the server.

You can use any operating system or software that you want.

Often the host can offer server administration at an extra cost.
These are most often in large server data centers.

They usually have back up power in case of a local power failure.

If you are a big company, you would most likely need this level of service because the value of a loss due to down time or any other problems that come in from other people on a server is too high.

I wouldn't want to think that my bank's website is hosted with a bunch of other websites on a server in my neighbor's cellar.

The available bandwidth and space for file storage etc. can be far more than you need, but it's there as a safeguard if you want it.

I have 125 websites and several blogs, for now, because it is growing.

After trying a few other companies, I have been using Hostmonster for the last 8 years.

I recommend them because I have had excellent service and the best experience with them.

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