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by Roger Chartier:

This is a service that host multiple domains to be accessed by the internet.

It's a low-cost solution for owners of multiple sites.

I have been with Hostmonster for 11 years and currently (and still growing) have 125 sites and several blogs hosted with them. They are very good to me.
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As an example, If you have three websites, it could cost a lot more to host them individually especially with different companies where there would be no discount for multiple hosting.

A lot of people are putting up multiple simple websites to market different products or ideas.

Some webmasters own a lot of domains and need to have them all together in one place to edit and manage them. They want to make money or push an idea, so this is efficient.

A lot of hosting companies have offered plans that offer discounts for hosting multiple domains.

There are companies that offer a 10% - 50% discount for buying additional accounts. This is standard for a lot of hosting companies.

They have to offer the control panel with FTP access, CGI/Perl, SSI, PHP, site statistics, etc.
Some offer a lot of free software such as site building, e-commerce and stats, etc.

However, there are plans that offer unlimited accounts or a large number of accounts, more than you would use, for a flat monthly fee.

To them it's all about selling server space and bandwidth, and they usually throw in a good amount of extras.

Plans with a lot of domains are especially good for hosting many small sites and for hosting simple sites or single page sites that are redirect pages to affiliates or other sites.

Save money - make money - make it simpler - all in one place.

At the top of this article, I mentioned Hostmonster, and that I have 125 sites and several blogs all on one hosting package. I like that a lot!
They are very good, and I am an affiliate with them because of that.
Take a look at their site if you like. Hostmonster Link.

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