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by Roger Chartier:

You can't afford or don't want to afford hosting.
Why not? Free is free, or is it?
Surprisingly a very few companies still offer free hosting. I always suspect an ulterior motive. Some comapnies are offering a 12 month, or less free trial. Others have no such restrictions.

Besides having very limited space and bandwidth, some have pre-placed banner ads or text link ads positioned on their template.

I have seen some that entice you to get onboard with one of their paid plans. They do this by teasing you with features, and the idea of you succeeding in e-commerce etc. Endless e-mails come to you from them. that will leave you wondering ...What the hell!
One that I reviewed had a teaser where you placed a high cost referral ad on your site for a payment to you if it is effective.

So far it costs you nothing, but they know that the cost to them is less than the potential earnings for them.

They give you the site, and you advertise for them.

Essentially you are creating attractive web content and traffic to attract people to their ads. Simple deal.

One site offers free hosting albeit a tiny sized space and bandwidth, but you have to register a name with them for a high price of $35.00 or more.

The hosting deal runs out in a year. That's about the same as the free name registration deals, but you pay $35.00. Divided by 12 months that represents about $2.90 a month.

Same horse  - different color. A great teaser for the first timers is the idea of hosting with simple no-coding set-ups. Just type and import pictures in the simplest way.

Some plans sell you web design software along with a bonus of free hosting. Some free plans display ads in the control panel for you to click on when you are in there.

 A lot of free website hosts provide a subdomain or sub-directory of their own domain name rather than letting you host your own top level domain name.
Such as wwww.bobshostingservice.com/joecustomer  or joecustomer.bobshostingservice.com.

Often They Are Unreliable

And are here today gone tomorrow, or have a lot of down time and nearly non existent tech support. Some have been around for quite awhile with a better reputation. Good Luck...

I tried different hosting companies and got tired of the downtime and problems all of the time, so I finally went over to Hostmonster 8 years ago and have nothing but good to say about them.

I have become an affiliate myself because I believe in the product.
I host 125 websites and several blogs with them. You can check the website for yourself if you like.
Here is the link. Hostmonster link.

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