How to recover a deleted item from your computer

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by Roger Chartier: 8-20-2012

If you have deleted something and emptied your trash on your computer you can often recover what had been deleted.

Here's how to recover a lost file on your computer.

Try this as soon as you believe that you deleted it permanently.

  1. Open Firefox browser

  2. Type Recuva in the browser panel up top then press Enter

  3. Open the download file on Piriform for "Recova"

  4. Click on the Download from Piriform

  5. Click Save the file

  6. Wait for the download to finish

  7. Open the downloaded file(containing folder)

  8. Click on OK then next on I agree

  9. Click the options - number 2 and 4 only then Install it

  10. Click Finish to launch Recova

  11. Click on Next

  12. Click on the file type that you are recovering - Then click Next

  13. Click on I'm Not Sure if you aren't sure where they are -
    Then on Next, then on Start

  14. Wait until it comes up in the screen and see the file you were looking for!

  15. Mark (Click on the file name box) the file then click Recover

  16. Choose the drive to recover to

  17. Operation Completed symbol comes up - Click OK on it and find your file
    where you left it after recovery. Tah Dah! Your file is recovered.

Do the job ASAP

You should try to find the file as soon as you realize that it was deleted because it can get overwritten by other actions that you will take on your computer.

Also try these lost file recovery tricks


Use a software program called MediaRecover 4.0 it costs about $30.00 and does a great job for photos.

Word or Excel

For Microsoft "Word" files or "Excel" files that are broken, or not functioning totally, try using the built in file repair tools that can help.

Click File, Open, and find the broken file. Then click the arrow on the right side of the Open button and get "Open and Repair" from the drop menu.


For password recovery try the software called Elcomsoft's $49 Advanced Office Password Recovery.

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